The objective of the British Motor Sports Association for the Disabled is to assist drivers with disabilities to compete in all forms of motorsport
Please Note:  The next MSA Medical Advisory Panel Meeting is scheduled 11th October 2018.   Our new Chairman, Nathalie McGloin, is an MSA Committee Member and full member of this Panel.
FIA International Regulations for Drivers & Navigators came into effect from 2011 with the advent of "Licences for participants with special abilities". The latest version published is replicated on the "Regulations MSA & FIA" page.
NB. Please see the new procedure - "Obtaining a race licence - MSA Guidance for disabled competitors"  Click here

David Butler, President of BMSAD, with Billy Monger at Brands Hatch.

In my capacity as Assessor to the MSA Medical Advisory Panel I had the privilege of meeting Billy at Brands Hatch and to undertake the assessment in order to re-instate his National A Race Licence.

In a Formula 4 racing accident at Donington Park Billy had his left leg amputated above the knee, right leg below the knee but has yet to be fitted with his artificial legs so for the test he used the innovative electronic steering wheel development with full hand controls by Team Brit – see info below - in their racing VW Evo .

Billy then took part in three track sessions (over 50 laps in total) most of which were observed by myself and Peter Alexander ARDs Chief Instructor at Brands. Having seen his driving ability from the outset I decided to ask Peter to run an Extended ARDs test for Billy there and then.
As the Evo only has a single central seat, on his third session we set Billy a 10 lap stint and I climbed into the School’s Clio with Peter driving and followed him on track (one of Butler’s few perks!) and despite Peter cornering the Clio on its door handles after 4 laps Billy was so far ahead we waited for him to lap us and followed again.
Peter stated that his driving was superb and for the first time in this car with full hand controls quite astonishing!
He exited the VW in under 6 seconds easily meeting our criteria and I had no hesitation in recommending that Billy’s National A Race Licence be re-instated, also I have no doubt he will be back again shortly for an upgrade to International!

Dave Player and Team BRIT have developed world-leading hand control technology, allowing disabled drivers to race very effectively against able-bodied competitors.
Now that this system has been fully tested, Team Brit are very pleased to be able to recommend it to any disabled person wanting to compete in motorsport. 
Developed with Slovenian motorsports expert Marko Mlakar, and implemented and engineered by Plans Performance, the controls introduce an electronic braking system, making racing easier and safer for drivers who are unable to use their legs.
The steering wheel can be removed easily, allowing teams of drivers to easily switch controls.
Contact Marko and he'll build you hand control system for you - full info here..Website:
If you are competing in an MSA motorsport event and have a disability you must have these "D" stickers on both sides of your kart or competition car. 
Please refer to the Blue Book for more detailed information. These are now available on the MSA website in the Online Shop under MSA Publications - Product Code S-DIS  -