The objective of the British Motor Sports Association for the Disabled is to assist drivers with disabilities to compete in all forms of motorsport

Please Note: 
1) The next MSA Medical Advisory Panel Meeting is scheduled for 6th October 2016.
NB: Our Chairman, David Butler, is now an MSA Committee Member and full member of this Panel
2) New FIA International Regulations for Drivers & Navigators came into effect from 2011 with the advent of "Licences for participants with special abilities". The latest version published on the 9th December 2015 is replicated on the "Regulations MSA & FIA" page.

We are selling our Golf that has a DSG gear box and motorsport spec electronic hand controls – NOT push/pull.  The best hand controls in the country!
Currently fitted with an 120lt ATL fast dump fuel system for endurance racing but this can be removed (and sold separately) if the car is required for Sprint racing.
A fantastic car fitted with new engine, new gear box, new prop shafts, new brakes, new suspension, new looms and much more.
Very reliable, fast and powerful.
£28,000 – Sprint car set up without ATL fuel system and without hand controls
£32,000 – as above with hand controls                      £36,000 – as above with ATL fuel system
ENQUIRIES - Dave Player    0782 462 8029       
Mark's debut race season in cars could not have concluded any better.
He has been awarded "Driver of The Year" by one of UK's most respected National Level race series.
To be acknowledged like this is a huge achievement and highlights how far Mark and the
team have come in one season.
Not only that, but Mark now holds his FIA International Race Licence.
He is one of only three disabled British race drivers to do so and the only injured serviceman to hold this level of licence.

Our Chairman watched Mark race for over an hour in the recent 750 Motor Club Birkett 6 Hour Relay race on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in the pouring rain driving the Team Brit Golf.
He ran in 13th place OVERALL out of 70 teams. 

Great driving worthy of BRITCAR "DRIVER OF THE YEAR".

If you are competing in an MSA motorsport event and have a disability you must have these "D" stickers on both sides of your kart or competition car. 
Please refer to the Blue Book for more detailed information. These are now available on the MSA website in the Online Shop under MSA Publications - Product Code S-DIS  -