About our Association
History and Introduction 

The Association was formed in 1987 to assist the disabled, insulin dependent diabetics and those with other medical conditions, to obtain their competition licences from the Motor Sports Association (MSA).  This following a total ban on such people competing at the International level of Rallying. There had been a similar ban imposed since the 1960s for circuit racing.

The MSA and the BMSAD work together to ensure that given an applicants driving ability, a licence may be granted.

In 1991 following many discussions with the MSA an assessment procedure was followed and conducted at Silverstone, David Butler a triple amputee paved the way for many other disabled folk by passing his assessment and gained his licence to race, David has, since that day qualified for full International Race and Rally licences.

Since 1991 over 300 competitors with a variety of disabilities and medical conditions have earned the right to compete in Racing, Rallying and Karting.

The variety of conditions vary from paraplegia, arm, leg and finger amputations, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone and Parkinson’s disease, visual and hearing challenges and many more.
Regardless of the disability, we can assure you that no one will be denied the opportunity to prove his or her safe competence, except, sadly, those with a recent history of epilepsy or major heart disorders.

The future is looking very bright with more opportunity for all disabled motorsport enthusiasts with more Kart tracks committed to fitting hand controls where required and most racing circuits prepared to accept the need for disabled access.

There are many openings in motorsport for the non competitor and of course there are many support activities that do not require an MSA competition licence.

If you or a friend are disabled or have a medical condition that you think might preclude you from holding a competition licence, please call Nathalie first, she might well surprise you!

Telephone:   07734 365742 




David Butler, President

The Prince Michael Award of Merit - Tony Reynolds - Our Past President
"Tony Reynolds a volunteer motor sports official and President of the British Motor
Sports Association for the Disabled, was formally presented with the Motor Sports
Association`s Prince Michael Award of  Merit"
Thursday 6 February 2003, at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall.