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Nigel Holland

It`s been almost two years since I got my first racing licence. Please find attached a few images from the 2008 championships.
The year hasn`t been so good where the weather was concerned. 
A number of  rounds were almost washed out.  However, I did pick up my first trophy after coming second in the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod Raceway. 
I was 3rd in the National Championships but at then end of the season dropped to 7th.

 This was inevitable as I don`t race two of the rounds at Shakespear County as it`s too far to drive the race car and I don`t have a trailer or a place to stay.   
Next year the logistics will hopefully be in place so that I can attend the rounds I missed this year.

The car hasn`t changed much other than a new set of wheels. 

It`s still a very good bracket car and performs well.  I haven`t been out of the top 8 in qualifying in any of the rounds.

There are 26 other racers in my class and I feel that I`m holding my own.

I managed to win quite a bit of sponsorship for the team and I have also taken it upon myself to promote the class in which I compete.
 I have designed and developed the Sportsman ET website and it`s getting a great response from all who visit.

I have also been involved with performing demo runs during some of the bigger shows at Santa Pod which is always great fun and more exposure for the sponsors.

 Getting the licence has opened up so many doors and as you can see I am enjoying it. I am in good shape so roll on next year!