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Mark Allen

Royal Anglian, one of the youngest British soldiers to become a double amputee at 19. Mark also had his left thumb and parts of several fingers blown off, as well as shrapnel wounds to his face and neck.

Racing has given Mark something to focus all his energy on and has allowed him to think about all the things he can do, rather than the things he can’t do.

Mark is a cheerful, friendly and funny young man but when he puts his helmet one and goes racing, he transforms into a ruthlessly efficient race driver.

He always starts the race as the first driver and without fail always makes up 4 to 6 places on the first lap.


Mark's debut race season in cars could not have concluded any better.
He has been awarded "Driver of The Year" by one of UK's most respected National Level race series.
To be acknowledged like this is a huge achievement and highlights how far Mark and the team have come in one season.

Not only that, but Mark now holds his FIA International Race Licence.
He is one of only three disabled British race drivers to do so and the only injured serviceman to hold this level of licence.

Our Chairman watched Mark race for over an hour in the recent 750 Motor Club Birkett 6 Hour Relay race on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in the pouring rain driving the Team Brit Golf.

He ran in 13th place OVERALL out of 70 teams. 
Great driving worthy of BRITCAR "DRIVER OF THE YEAR".