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Paul Hogan

Paul has lost his right leg at the hip in a road accident but races a fearsome Porsche 996 Twin Turbo Tiptronic very successfully.

I am 54 was born in London but has lived in Oxfordshire since the age of 3 years. In 1965 whilst study mechanical engineering at college in Oxford selected to attend the British Trampolining training camp.

Three weeks later in April 1965 whilst riding a motorcycle to college I was involved in serious road traffic accident (RTA).  Injuries included loss of right leg and half of pelvis on right side (Hemipelvectomy), torn liver with resultant internal bleeding.  Complete renal failure due to shock.  Placed on dialysis machine for 6 weeks until kidneys started functioning again.

Escaped from hospital 16 weeks after RTA and went on holiday for 2 weeks.  Received almighty bollocking from Dr Robert Taylor (Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon) for missing 1st outpatients appointment.  Dr Taylor also commented that I appear to get an unusual amount of sunlight in my bedroom at home. 
I think the sun burn on my face gave the game away.
In August 1997 on way back from Silverstone race meeting with two friends I suffered reoccurrence of severe chest pains and collapsed.  Driven to Hospital and diagnosed with severe unstable Angina.  Probably caused by stress and addiction to smoking small cigars.  Underwent multi coronary bypass surgery (artery grafts) the same week. In 1998 purchased Porsche 911 2.7 RS replica race car.  In 1999 took and passed MSA ARDS test at Silverstone race driving school. 

Same year applied and accepted as entrant for the PCGB Porsche Open and AMOC Intermarque Championships.

In 2001 sold 911 2.7 RS and purchased Porsche 996 Tiptronic which has since been converted by Phil Hindley and his team at Tech 9 Motorsport into what Porsche Germany believe is the only 996 Twin Turbo Tiptronic race car being used competitively anywhere in the World.
Highest race finish todate Porsche Open Round 4 at Castle Combe in May 2003 finished 5th overall and 3rd in class 2. Worst race todate Porsche Open Round 5 at Brands Hatch in June 2003 crashed on lap 7 and suffered four fractured ribs. 
More importantly the race car was severely bent.  Expensive!

I have two sons Lee 28 years and Jamie 26 years who come and support at most races I enter.

I live with my partner Aase (pronounced Osa) who was born in Denmark but has lived in the UK for about 20 years.  Aase also supports me at most race meetings but complains about the long intervals between qualifying and
actual race when boredom often sets-in and the cold weather at most UK race circuits.

My full time occupation (the day job!) is commercial director for Chelton (Electrostatics) Limited.  Chelton is the worlds foremost aerospace avionics company and a major division of Cobham plc.

What are my future plans :

a) I currently hold an National A race licence issued by the MSA.  The MSA have endorsed my application to the FIA for upgrade to International C race licence.  If granted and I can raise sufficient financial help I intend to enter the British GT Championship cup class in the Porsche 996 Twin Turbo Tiptronic and selected rounds of the Porsche Open Championship - day job permitting.

b) Give up smoking those small cigars!